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Bring your wedding dreams to life with elegant bouquets from Flower Arrangements by Patty. We'll work with you to adapt your flowers to your budget, your ideas, and your preferences, including coordination with your gowns and theme colors.

Our personalized service ensures that you receive exactly what you want. We'll make a sample for the centerpiece to make sure it meets your satisfaction. As the date of your wedding approaches, we'll maintain constant contact. You'll see images of the work we're doing, and you'll see that it meets your satisfaction.

The love and sensitivity that flowers sparks our creativity turning each arrangement into a true art expression. Our understanding of your ideas and needs allows us to create the perfect custom design. We take great pride in being specialist of design, ambiance and flower decor, and continue to transform the most common of spaces into unforgettable experiences as is your wedding day. 

We have over 25 years of experience in creating beautiful custom flower arrangements. For a FREE consultation about your wedding flowers, please call us at 619-777-9136. Flower Arrangements by Patty for all your wedding flowers.


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Bridal party bouquets

Groom's boutonnière

Flower centerpieces

Flower arches

Flower décor for the ceremony and reception

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The most important is our clients satisfied with our work

The best flowers

Serving all San Diego and surrounding areas

We create bouquets for every occasion including gorgeous wedding flowers and funeral arrangements. Our company is family owned and operated and we are very well known in different parts of San Diego.


Flower Arrangements By Patty

We'll use beautiful, fresh flowers to create unique, personalized bouquets and arrangements for any occasion. Our arrangements will add that extra special touch to homes, offices, churches, hospitals, or any location.


Choose Flower Arrangements by Patty for all your custom floral bouquets. We bring over 25 years of experience to every project, Flower Arrangements by Patty for all your custom floral bouquets. We bring over 

Whether you need all the centerpieces, corsages, and boutonnières for a wedding or a simple bouquet that says "I love you," we can provide it

 The best flowers  in all county of the San Diego and surrounding areas, 

Choose Flower Arrangements by Patty. You'll get the finest floral arrangements, and we'll adapt to your budget and necessities.

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